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Metal Pressing

At AJKM we have the capacity to manufacture Precision Metal Pressings.

Whether you have an existing tool or you require a tool to be designed and manufactured we can help you to produce Quality components in various materials.

Our Staff will evaluate your product’s Pressing specifications and in return give you the information you need to make the right decision about your Pressed product feasibility and whether single pressed or multi-stage tooling is required.

With our experience in Metal Pressing we are confident in helping you to choose the correct type of material for your product.

We are using various engineering raw materials such as Bright Rolled Steel, Brass and Phosphor Bronze in differing states of hardness and finish and will also take into consideration the main factors concerning durability, corrosion resistance, ease of fabrication and ease of installation. Dependent on your requirements our experts will give you quality advice to suit your product manufacture and on the right material to suit your needs.

Powder coat finish

At AJKM our pressing machinery enables us to manufacture products ranging from 0.1 to 3.0 mm material thickness on machines ranging from 10 Ton to 150 Ton. We are able to press and form complex shapes and sizes for most industrial sectors.

Metal Press Products
Metal Press Products